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The world is expanding and there’s never been a better time to share your voice with the next generation. My clients entrust me with their novel ideas and expertise. In exchange, my words bring life to their imagination giving them the space to do what they love. I write so they don’t have to.


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I write novels, eBooks, blog content, LinkedIn articles, and Instagram captions for you. Learn more about my Ghostwriting packages here.


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If you just need help editing your manuscript, ask about my proofreading and developmental editing services.

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I share reviews on my blog, Instagram, and YouTube. Please read my Book Review Policy before submitting your manuscript.

When you have space to breathe, you gain the clarity needed to dream. Dreaming motivates you to create and your creations inspire.

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My one word is #space. My goal is to help authors and creatives find The Write Space where they can dream, create, and inspire.

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Hello! I’m Robyn-Lee, a ghostwriter who lends her voice to writers and entrepreneurs who have brilliant aspirations of authorship but no time to pen their thoughts.

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