Breathe. Dream. Create. Inspire

Robyn-Lee is a ghostwriter who lends her voice to writers and entrepreneurs who have brilliant aspirations of authorship but no time to pen their thoughts. Her words bring dreams to life giving you space and time to do what you love. She writes so you don’t have to!

The Write Space

Robyn-Lee’s one word is #space. Her goal is to help 10 million aspiring authors find the Write Space where they can dream, create, and inspire. When you have space to breathe, you gain the clarity needed to dream. Dreaming motivates you to create and your creations inspire.

To reach this goal, she inspires and motivates authors on Instagram, teaches on her blog, Medium, and LinkedIn. Mainly, she ghostwrites and edits novels, eBooks, Instagram captions, blog posts, and more.

The world is expanding and there’s never been a better time to share your expertise with the next generation. Contact me if you want to work together.

Fun Facts about Robyn-Lee

In 2018, she left her 9-to-5 Instructional Writing job to start a creative business. She’s a dancer, enjoys hiking around Cape Town, and lives on coffee. Despite her introverted nature, Robyn-Lee is an excellent motivational speaker and finds great joy in creating IGTV and TikTok videos.

What People Say

You’re a terrific writer, and I’m proud to have you on our team. You offer clean, crisp prose that resulted in a relatively short editing time for me.

Joe | Editor-in-chief
Independent Book Review

Every sentence captures my attention. You are such a talented writer.

Lindsay | Instagram follower
Rebel for Love Shop

It was so gripping and enticing with the choice of words – kept me reading throughout the entire thing, which is incredibly hard to do since I tend to skim quite large pieces for the majority. Well done and keep up the good work.

Kayla | Reader

Let’s build something together.

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