Why I Quit My Job To Start A Ghostwriting Business

Yes, I left my corporate job to start a creative business. I had no plan, no clients, and no idea what I was getting myself into. 10 months later, I am a wiser, happier, more dedicated writer. Here’s how it happened…

I loved my job. As an instructional writer in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, I scripted online courses for a leading e-learning platform. My career was fulfilling, my colleagues were friendly, and my bosses pleasant. Additionally, the office was within walking distance of coffee shops and art galleries – a benefit relished. My role also afforded me the opportunity to live out my one word – dream. Through my writing I helped make people’s dreams come true. A health and safety course meant someone would receive a certification needed for their job. Business skills courses improved skill sets. I even got to read, summarize, and review books! It was the perfect job – until it wasn’t.

Although I  loved the diversity that came with my position, I felt stifled creatively. My attempts at applying to other learning design firms in the area proved disappointing. I grew frustrated, disappointed, and my confidence dropped. Was I a bad writer? Was I a bad hire? These and other thoughts plagued my mind leading me down a rabbit hole no creative should venture into: self-doubt. There was more! Other areas of my life came undone too. I faced harassment on my commute to work almost daily causing depression and anxiety to hit. It escalated to the point where I would have anxiety attacks EVERY MORNING. All the turmoil eventually effected my once stellar performance at work which added to an already stressful time.

So, I handed in my resignation with no plan. Well, I had a plan – sort of. I would teach English online (something I had done before) while building a career as a travel blogger because my personal Instagram was travel focused. There’s still an article on here somewhere. That was not the wisest choice.

Eventually, I found a niche that would work for me, ghostwriting. I also created content on Instagram doing what I do best – inspiring others and creating cute graphics.

It’s been eight weeks since I launched my ghostwriting business. Since then, I’ve signed my first client, I have a byline guest posting book reviews, I have a stronger work ethic than ever before. My confidence in my skill and creativity have been restored and I’m happy. I’m not the same person who left the office months ago. I’m more confident, more resourceful, and more determined to help others chase their dreams.